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Dear Customers!

We draw your attention to the fact that the Test Centre "HarCis", the State Enterprise "Ukrainian State Research Carbon Institute (UKHIN)" is accredited in Ukraine and has the right to conduct research ONLY in accordance with GOST or DSTU.

In order to receive a quality certificate, such as alternative fuel, in the Testing Centre "HarCis" you must provide:

  • sample of investigated products in quantity 2 kg, tightly packed;
  • a warranty letter with an ink stamp and an indication of a fixed telephone / fax named KOVALOV YEVGENIY TIHONOVYCH, director of the state enterprise "UKHIN";
  • the act of sampling is provided for research (with an ink stamp);
  • statutory documents of the customer - photocopies (statute; extract from the unified state registry, certificate from the unified state register, certificate of the taxpayer register;
  • certificate of registration of taxpayer; form 4 OPP).

Studies are conducted after 100% subscription.

The time of determination is from two weeks.

Orders for research are accepted!!!