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Journal of Coal Chemistry

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Year of establishment: 1993
Certificate of registration: КВ № 31 от 07.09.1993
Periodicity: 6 times a year
Co-founders: Ukrainian Scientific and Industrial Association UKRKOKS, State Enterprise "Ukrainian State Research Coal Chemical Institute (UKHIN)", State Institute for Design of Enterprises of the Coke Chemical Industry GIPROKOKS
Editor-in-chief: Yevgen Tikhonovich Kovalyov, prof ., Doctor of Technical Sciences (Kharkiv)
Deputy Chief Editor: Fyodor Fyodorovich Cheshko, PhD in Technical Sciences (Kharkiv), Anatoliy Grigoryevich Starovoyt , prof., PhD in Technical Sciences (Drepr)
Executive Secretary: Vladimir Mikhailovich Shmalko, PhD in Technical Sciences (Kharkiv)
Members of Editorial Board: Prof. Dr. Sc. V.D. Barsky (Dnepr city), prof., Doctor of chemical sciences M.N. Bratychak (Lviv), prof., Prof., Doctor of Technical Sciences ABOUT. Grinishin (Lviv), prof., Doctor of Engineering V.M. Gulyaev (city of Kamenskoye), senior researcher, candidate of technical sciences Drozdnik I.D., professor, senior researcher, doctor of technical sciences D.V. Miroshnichenko (Kharkov), prof., Doctor of Engineering A. Mianowski (Zabrze, Poland), prof., Doctor of Technical Sciences S.V. Pyshiev (Lviv), Doctor of Economics IN AND. Rudyka (Kharkov), prof., Doctor of Engineering A.G. Starovoit (Deputy Chief Editor, Dnipro), Doctor of Technical Sciences F.F. Cheshko (Deputy Chief Editor, Kharkov), Ph.D. Shmalko (responsible secretary, Kharkov), prof., Doctor of chemical sciences T.G. Shendrik (Kiev), Associate Professor, Ph.D. I.V. Shulga (Kharkov).
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.