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The Journal of Coal Chemistry (ISSN 1681 - 309 X) is the only scientific periodical of the national distribution sphere in Ukraine specializing in the scientific research and development, advanced scientific and industrial experience in coal and coke-chemical industries, the dissemination of foreign experience and knowledge in this field. In addition, the Journal of Coal Chemistry regularly publishes scientific and applied articles in the field of coal- and petrochemicals and analytical materials about trends in world markets for coal and metallurgical coke.

Now the Journal of Coal Chemistry is one of a very few domestic scientific periodicals which practices the free of charge publication of scientific articles. Besides the recipients of mandatory copies in accordance with the Decree of the Ukrainian Government No. 608 of 05/10/2002, copies of the Journal of Coal Chemistry are sending free of charge to libraries and departments of 29 domestic universities, academies, as well as educational, research and design institutes . All this is the embodiment of editorial policy, the strategic goal of which is to comprehensively promote the publication, dissemination and popularization of the results of scientific and technological research.

The journal publishes only original high-quality scientific papers in accordance with its thematic. Only articles that have not been published previously and have not been submitted for publication in another journal are accepted for publication. If the author(s) use excerpts from other articles (in English or another language) in his papers, he (they) must provide links to sources or obtain permission from the previous publisher or copyright holder.

The journal is published in mixed languages. Articles are accepted in Ukrainian, English or Russian; scope - national; readers are students, engineers and scientists, specializing in the field of coal, coke and metallurgical industries. The frequency of release, volume and format of the publication: 6 issues per year, up to 5 conditional printed sheets, A4.

Articles in which plagiarism is present are not allowed for publication. If, after verification, the article reveals the presence of plagiarism, to the authors will be sent the notifications of refusal to publish on the strength of the above reason.

The editors reserve the right to amend the materials received, to reduce, reject thematically inappropriate or improperly executed manuscripts in accordance with the rules of editorial ethics.

The editorial board has an expert council, which includes experts on the coke chemistry, coal chemistry and other specialties of the journal.

The editorial policy of the journal is based on the following principles:

- objectivity and impartiality in the selection of articles for the purpose of their publication;

- high demands on the quality of scientific research;

- anonymous review of articles by at least one reviewer;

- collegiality in making decisions regarding the publication of articles;

- accessibility and efficiency in communicating with the authors;

- strict observance of copyright and related rights.

The editorial board are conducting systematic work to include the journal in international electronic libraries, catalogs and science metric databases in order to enter the world scientific information space, to increase the rating of the journal and citation indexes of its authors.

All articles go through 3 stages of consideration:

Stage I - plagiarism testing using publicly available programs.

Stage II - verification of compliance with requirements and goals of journal.

Stage III - anonymous peer review.

All articles submitted to the Journal of Coal Chemistry undergo multilevel verification and redaction. The first step is an independent review of articles on the basis of anonymity (the surname of the authors is not communicated to the reviewer, the surname of the reviewer to the authors). Subsequently, members of the editorial board and of the expert group works with the texts. The final decision regarding the publication of articles is made by the scientific council of the State Enterprise “Ukrainian State Research Institute for Coal Chemistry (UKHIN)”, which, according to a memorandum of journal foundation, is the publisher of the Journal of Coal Chemistry.

The submitted manuscript is registered at the time of receipt of the electronic version.