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UKHIN (the Ukrainian State Research Institute for Carbochemistry) was founded on 4 July 1930 and has become the first scientific centre for the Coke Industry in former Soviet Union.


Since 1967 UKHIN has been a central institute the USSR Ministry of Iron and Steel Industry for coordination of all the scientific researches in the field of cokemaking and for performing the function as a base organization for standardization, metrology and scientific information.

In the independent Ukraine, despite a large reduction in the production of coke, a range of problems the Institute is dealing with has changed insignificantly. As before, the primary goal is carrying out researches directed towards improvement of the manufacture of coke.

For 77 years the Institute has contributed enormously to the formation of the Coking Industry and to the establishment of its high technical level. All operative coke works in Ukraine utilize the Institute's developments as technological assignments for designing. The research works of the Institute had a powerful influence on the Ukraine coal industry since the construction of a number of coal mines extracting coals for carbonization was based to be developed industrially only after UKHIN had come to a conclusion that they were suitable for carbonization.

At present the Institute has a unique databank about the characteristic of coals from the basic coal basins worldwide as well as a broad spectrum of technological processes of processing of coals and chemical products of coking. In an active of institute there is a number of the effective development ready to realization in the industry. The most important are the follows:

  • new original processes for thermal treatment of coal blends; coke ovens with high-strength heating walls ensuring a long service when carbonising preheated blends of a bulk density of up to 0,75 т/м3 (are realized at the CCHP of Yasinovka);
  • continuous coke making in vertical coke ovens;
  • manufacture of high-quality sorbents from a wide range of coals;
  • manufacture of impregnating pitch, binder pitch and coal tar needle (anisotropic) coke to obtain large electrodes of high conductivity and mechanical strength, etc.

A lot of attention is given to a preservation of the environment, standardization, metrological maintenance and cokemaking industry accreditation in the Institute work. The Institute is accredited in the quality control system ISO 9001:2008