Ukrainian State Research Institute for Carbochemistry


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On the basis of the research centre "Hartsis" ("Hartsis"), SE “Ukhin” conducts research on fuel from plant raw materials, brown coal, stone, anthracite and products of its processing. DC "Hartsis" is accredited for compliance with the requirements of DSTU ISO / IEC 17025: 2006.

We carry out research on various types of alternative fuels such as charcoal, wood pellets and briquettes, sunflower husk, grain waste, as well as lignin, wastewater treatment plants, household rubbish, etc.

Investigation of alternative fuel in the research centre "Hartsis" can be carried out according to the following indicators: mass fraction of moisture, ash content, yield of volatile substances, heat of combustion, volumetric (bulk) weight, apparent density, mass fraction of total sulfur, carbon content, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, chlorine, dust and asphalt (mechanical strength), ash fusibility (oxidizing medium), chemical composition of ash (SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, MgO, CaO, Na2O, K2O, SO3).